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Mio International Trading Sarlu is an international trade and service company based in West Africa; with industrial partners with high experience in Malaysia, Dubai, China Vietnam, Holland France, etc.…. Mio International Trading Sarlu is now developing a network for importing agri-food products to West African countries. With this in mind and to fully integrate its value chain and satisfy its customers, the company now integrates the freight and container transport service. Currently, it is developing its car fleet in trucks and plans to cover the entire West African area. With young people with high-level training and remarkable experience, the company satisfies its customers at all levels.


Our suppliers work with us for several reasons, which include our ability to penetrate diverse markets, our coverage of duty-free markets: producers can access all duty-free markets through Mio International Trading Sarlu, bringing products to new areas, remote areas, and untapped markets and our ongoing expansion, and our belief that suppliers grow with us.


Our Global Sourcing department is constantly searching for new suppliers across the globe.

  • Mission

    We offer small businesses, policymakers and business support organizations in developing countries an array of trade-related practical training, advisory services, and a wealth of business intelligence data.

  • Vision

    We are empowering women, youth and refugees through jobs. Through our programs, projects, services and data, we are helping drive digital connectivity and a global transition to green, sustainable trade.

  • Goal

    Our goal is to provide High standards of personal integrity and professional excellence, Mutual respect and teamwork, Creativity and individual initiative.

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